Nathan Sheets (natewillsheets) wrote in prolifedebate,
Nathan Sheets

South Dakota: How They Will Kill Babies...

I have taken (a rather unpopular) stance on the South Dakota Abortion Ban, to which I can only say has become more solidified in my mind as time goes on. To be frank, South Dakota is helping Roe vs. Wade become further solidified into our country's laws.

Allow me to explain:

Right now, we do not have enough justices on the Supreme Court to overturn Roe vs. Wade. We need one more (at the retirement or death of Judge Stevens) before that can be accomplished. Currently, if this ban was to go to the Supreme Court, it would be struck down. So babies will have been saved.

So what's the big deal? The more unsuccessful abortion cases go through the Surpreme Court, the more abortion will be accepted and condoned by American society. South Dakota's abortion ban--the second similar bill they did a few years ago and was unsuccessful due to the courageous work by the National Right to Life--will head directly for the Surpreme Court where, without a miracle, it will be struck down.

People continually tell me that I should pray for a miracle (oh, I am) and that I should view this as a positive thing for the pro-life movement: America is, after all, seeing this happen.

But America is full of ignorant people in regards to abortion. I am constantly running into people--even pro-lifers-- who don't even know that abortion is legal in the 9th month. They seriously cannot imagine something so terrible. America is told by the media that this is an extreme bill that does not include rape and incest--which we all know account for less than 1% of America's 1.3 annual abortions.

But America is not ready for a ban without a rape and incest exception, because, frankly, they think that rape and incest somehow account for the majority of abortions. This is not the case, but who is going to tell them otherwise? Only the pro-life movement; but since we do not own the media, it takes a while. For the love of Pete, put a "rape and incest" exception in the bill, save 99% of the babies, work on saving the others, and for goodness sake do it when we know it can be accomplished, not in vain!

The Surpreme Court has, sadly, become a political tool. Thus, in order to get it to work with us, we have to work the system. Putting a bill that will be struck down is not a politically-savvy move, and it will end up killing more babies for another 33 years (when all we have to do is wait for one more Supreme Court justice--a very real possibility soon). Gee, thanks South Dakota.
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