milkshakemaiden (milkshakemaiden) wrote in prolifedebate,

The boundaries of our prolife views

For those that think that rape should be an exception in which abortion is permitted, do you include statutory rape? If the girl is 13 and impregnated by a 17-year-old? How about 17 and impregnated by a 20-year-old? Where do you draw the line?

If you don't include rape, but you do include incest, why is that?

Finally, how inclusive is the exception of health of the mother? Is it just physical health? If a woman was at an extreme risk of severe mental disorders, or was already mentally ill and pregnancy could aggravate her condition, would abortion be justified? How much of a risk would be acceptable and which is more important: the increase in risk or how much risk there is? In other words, if the mother is 5 times more likely to suffer mental disorders because of her condition, but her risk is still 2%, is an abortion justified?
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