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Issues of Pro-Life Concern

Pro Life Debate
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This community is expressly for debating issues of interest to people who identify as "pro-life" in terms of abortion. Ideally, this will serve as an alternative to bringing up controversial issues in the community prolife.

A few ground rules:

1)Civility is a must! We're all adults here (for the sake of argument, whether legally or not), so let's treat each other - and each other's opinions - with respect.

2)This community is for serious DEBATE. If you can't express the reasons behind your position, please don't put it forth. There is to be no proseytizing.

3)Please do not engage in discussion if you don't feel you can have an open mind to differing opinions. If you are very emotional about your opinion, or believe that your feelings may be hurt by someone else's point of view, then this is not the right place for you.

4)Contact a moderator if you feel that a member of this community has violated guidelines. Do NOT take it up with that person, either in this community, or in their personal journal.

Essentially, everyone is allowed to join, so long as they restrain their debating to the topic at hand. This is not abortiondebate with pro-life mods. This is solely to debate issues relavent to the pro-life side of the debate, and to acknowledge and discuss the shades of gray within the pro-life community. Fence-sitters who join are welcome to ask questions, but pro-choicers are encouraged to watch without participating. Anyone making flagrant pro-choice arguments or stirring up trouble in that regard will be banned (as soon as I can figure out how to ban people). As long as a person identifies themself as pro-life, they are welcome to argue their point of view, and make a case for why they are a valid part of the pro-life movement.

The Maintainers of this community are:

misplacedmind, who can be reached at hqandmrj4ever@yahoo.com
shameinyou, who can be reached at BlackHoleSun122@ aol.com

Please contact any or all of us with comments, complaints, suggestions about the community. We live to serve! (errr, or something like that :oP )